Redefine Your Quality Management Strategy

by Sandra Gauvin

In the past Quality has always played a support role in most organizations, but if you look closely that role is slowly changing to one that’s more strategic.

A good example is the biotech industry, where you’ll occasionally see start-up companies bring in Quality Engineers and continuous improvement methodologies at the onset of their business so they can prevent defects instead of just detecting them…a more proactive approach.

Although change can be slow, the current economic pressures are forcing companies to ‘think outside of the box’.  This is where you step in and educate your leaders on the value of practicing strategic Quality.

Industry Week recently published a series of three short articles about the benefits of strategic Quality Management that includes the involvement of your customer, everyone in your organization, and risk management.

Use these articles to engage your leaders in a discussion about Quality’s role.  Don’t forget to quantify the financial value…talk money, and you’ll almost always get management’s attention.

Part 1 – Rebalancing Quality Priorities
Learn the benefits of better quality and how your organization can achieve it.

Part 2 – Quality Equals Risk Management
Find out how susceptible your organization is to a quality crisis.

Part 3 – Transforming Quality Culture
Learn the four success factors that your organization must have in place to create excitement, inspiration, and empowerment regarding quality.

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