I read your article on Good Documentation Practices and found it very helpful in rounding out the document that I was writing for our fledging system. I have always worked in companies that had well established Quality Systems, so writing these basic procedures has not been part of what I have had to do in the past. Thanks for making it easier for me.
Joan Callahan, Consultant Healthcare & Medical Device Industry

I do think that your newsletter and website is very useful....You are doing a great job with a varied and sometimes difficult subject, so keep up the good work.
John A. Foster, Goodrich Engine Control Systems

I really enjoyed your paper (Boost Your Quality & Operational Performance by Following These 3 Simple Rules). It showed some very practical applications and was a clear, simple (good for me), straightforward discussion of metrics....You have some good insights. I look forward to more great articles/papers. Keep it up!
Dave Kuchta, Harmac Medical Products

I do enjoy the content and find it relevant. I've only been in the industry for almost 3 years so it is especially helpful....Thanks!
Steve Hazelwood, Abbott Vascular

I do enjoy your work. I especially needed the recent segment on reducing the amount of email I read that could be classified as non-value added (Interview with Bill Jensen). Information overload does need to be prioritized....Keep up the good work.
Gary Huntzinger, Walker Die Casting Inc.